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EASAs explanatory notes to the Basic Instrument Rating (BIR) (11/2020).

EASAs newly updated (11/2020) examination procedures for the CB-IR and BIR theretical knowledge exams.

Learning objectives for the EASA CB-IR and BIR can be found here. (11/2020).

EASAs newly updated (11/2020) acceptable means of compliance and guidance material for Part-FCL (licensing) when it comes to BIR (Issue 1, amendment 10), e.g. flight test tolerances and description of the BIR modules.

FAA – Federal Aviation Administration

The FAA has a wealth of excellent books which are completely free. However, there are great differences on how we do things between the FAA and EASA, so be careful and double-check!

Patrick Lienhart’s guide to EASA CB-IR

Patrick is an instrument instructor based in Graz, Austria. He’s got an excellent guide to the mysteries of CB-IR.

The best way to practice for your exams will be by using