Equipment to be carried and used for IFR in Europe

This information can be found in the national AIP GEN 1.5. All national AIPs can be found here (Eurocontrol).

But what about the EASA regulations? Can any EASA member state add additional requirements as they please? Like 8,33 kHz channel spacing, Mode S and ADFs? Well, not really. But they do anyway. So this list is it. However, if you satisfy the regulations for the airspace within you fly, I guess you’ll be pretty much okay. Same thing with approaches, SIDs, STARs and their requirements including MAP.

DISCLAIMER: This information is for guidance only. ALWAYS refer to the official AIP for updated and correct information.

StateMode S required8,33 kHz channel spacing requiredRNP-5 requiredRNP-1 requiredOther requirementsUpdated (YYYY/MM/DD)
AlbaniaNoAbove FL 195 in Tirana FIR.Within Tirana FIR above FL115.For RNAV arrival and departure routes within the Tirana TMA2020-01-03
Austria?YesAbove 9500 ft AMSL in Wien FIR.DME.2020-01-03
Belgium and LuxembourgYesYesAbove FL 95 within the Brussels FIR/UIR.For RNP approaches GNSS is mandatory and SBAS (EGNOS) shall be used.2020-01-03
Bosnia and Herzegovina Not statedNot statedNot statedNot statedIFR not permitted in class G airspace.2020-01-03
BulgariaNoYes (in airspace class C)YesNot statedVOR and DME.2020-01-03
CroatiaNoYesYesNot statedDual VHF, DME, ADF, Dual VOR (1x when RNAV).2020-01-03
CyprusNot statedYesNot below FL 280 unless the affected ATS
route is designated for RNAV use only.
Czech RepublicNot below 7500 kg and 250 kts TAS.YesNot stated2020-01-03
DenmarkNoAbove FL 195Above FL 95 in København FIR and Copenhagen Area. Below FL 95 if the ATS-route is designated for RNAV use only.2020-01-03
EstoniaNoYesAbove FL 95 in Tallinn FIR.2020-01-03
Faroe IslandsNoNo2020-01-03
FinlandNoAbove FL 195Above FL 95.For all RNAV SID and STARs.PBN required for all approach procedures.2020-01-03
FranceYesYesYes, but below FL 115 on RNAV-defined routesFor RNAV procedures2020-01-03
GermanyYesAbove FL 195Depending on airspace, routing or procedure.Depending on airspace, routing or procedure.2x VHF, 2x VOR (1x if independent RNAV available), DME, ADF (if required by procedure), ILS (including marker beacon receive – if required for procedure).2020-01-03
GreenlandNoNoADF or other approved long range navigation system (e.g. GNSS).2020-01-03
IrelandYesYesAircraft which are not RNAV approved, may be subject to less optimal routeings,
track mileage, fuel burn, and increased delays.
Same as for RNP-5In Shannon FIR/UIR class A, C and G: VOR, DME and ILS required.2020-01-03
ItalyYes, in Milan.Yes, except within Cagliari and Grosetto CTR.Yes2020-01-03
LatviaNoYesRiga FIR above FL095 and for SIDs and STARs.2020-01-03
LithuaniaNoYesRiga FIR above FL095 and for SIDs and STARs.2020-01-03
MaltaNoNot statedYesILS and DME2020-01-03
NetherlandsYesYes (with exemptions)Above FL 95 and on EHAM STARs.Required within Schiphol TMA. Other requirements are stated on charts on certain SIDs and STARs. SBAS (EGNOS)2020-01-03
North MacedoniaNot statedYesWithin Skopje FIR.Dual VHF, transponder, VOR, ADF, ILS (incl. marker beacon receiver)2020-01-03
NorwayOnly offshore helicoptersOnly above FL 195Controlled airspace above FL 95 within Polaris FIR and above 5000 FT AMSL in Oslo TMA.All TMAs2020-01-03
PolandNot statedYesYes.Depending on airspace, route or procedure.ILS-LOC and VOR recievers2020-01-03
PortugalNot statedYes.Not required at or below FL 195 in Lisboa FIR (when using ATS VOR/DME routes)Registration required to access AIP.2020-01-03
RomaniaNot statedYesOn ATS routes within BUCUREŞTI FIR2020-01-03
Russian Federation (Non-EASA)Not statedNot statedELT2020-01-03
Serbia and MontenegroNot statedYesAbove 9500 ft in Beograd FIR/UIR2020-01-03
SlovakiaYesYes (exemptions stated in ENR 1.8.2)Within
BRATISLAVA FIR on all RNAV routes and on other
ATS routes above FL 125, except SID and STAR.
Dual VHF, dual VOR/ILS, ADF, DME, marker beacon receiver.
Registration required to access AIP.
SloveniaAbove FL 245.YesIf required for the specific airspace, the specific routing or the specific flight procedures.VOR, DME, ADF (if required for procedure) and if ILS procedure: FM immune, glide path, marker beacon receiver.2020-01-03
SpainNot stated.Within Madrid and Barcelona FIR (mainland).All ATS routes above FL 150 and for RNAV routes i lower airspace.All RNAV TMA procedures.The B-RNAV portion of an arrival route must
terminate at a conventional fix. Beyond that fix, the arrival
shall be completed by a conventional (non RNAV)
procedure, or by means of radar vectors.
SwedenNoYesAbove FL 95Not required2020-01-03
TurkeyNot statedNot statedNot stated2020-01-03
United Kingdom (Non-EASA)YesYesEn-route within the London and Scottish FIRs/UIR. SID and STARs as specified.VOR, DME and ADF (if needed in any phase of flight).2020-01-03