Q: Why are the books so much more expensive on Amazon Kindle vs. Apple Books/Google play?
A: Amazon Kindle will give me 30% royalty (vs. 70% with the others), so make sure I actually don’t lose money (but go break even on that platform), I had to adjust the prices accordingly on Amazon Kindle.

Q: If I buy a printed book, can I have a digital book for free?
A: Unfortunately not. I would then have to buy my own books at full price and send you a gift certificate. However, contact me and I will notify you about any campaigns with great discounts.

Q: If I buy a digital book, can I have a printed book for free?
A: Not for free. But I will send you a coupon for a discount on your book in print.

Q: I’ve found a mistake in one of your books!
A: Please contact me and I will correct it ASAP. The digital version will be updated immediately. The printed books will be updated in the next print run (which is done quite regularly). An e-mail with the recent changes will then be sent to all the recipients of the printed books.